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Oikopolis Participations S.A. receives award certificate at the Gemeinwohl Summit 22

At the first GWÖ-Summit in Berlin end of November, Gemeinwohl companies once again clearly demonstrated that the narrow but common economic focus on profit and turnover can very well be replaced by corporate management supporting the common good and focusing on social and ecological sustainability.

The companies were honoured in front of the approximately 200 participants of the Summit. Particularly committed companies and institutions from the German-speaking world received awards. In addition to the organic frozen food pioneer Ökofrost GmbH, the social online bookseller buch7 or the search engine Ecosia , Oikopolis Participations S.A. also received an award certificate for its special efforts oriented towards the common good economy.

The programme included numerous renowned speakers such as Prof. Dr. Patrick Velte from Leuphana University Lüneburg, Jule Bosch or the well-known author and foundation founder Vivian Dittmar. Politics was also well represented, e.g. with Katharina Beck, member of the Bundestag, who is the deputy chair of the finance committee there and was previously active as a company founder and leader in NGOs.