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Munsbach boasts new "Zen Zone“

For the upcoming outdoor season, NATURATA Munsbach holds a veritable oasis of relaxation in store for you – tucked between the landmark buildings of OIKOPOLIS Center. This tiny park is a great visit for plant and water lovers alike: welcome to the Zen Zone!

You may have noticed it during one of your shopping tours at NATURATA’s wholefood store or its specialist shop "beauty & culture" or on the occasion of a visit to NATURATA’s organic restaurant & café in Munsbach: the space between the iconic buildings has undergone major changes. From the very inauguration of OIKOPOLIS I, back in 2001, the courtyard had been housing the pressing plant of "Aeppelhaus“. When a nearby organic farmer took over the cider press in 2019, the little red pressing house lost ist function. Eventually, it was demolished and replaced by a new point of interest.

Ingenious water games

Now, a public green space is to be found where orchard owners used to deliver their apples. And it fits in very well, as the park’s swinging form echoes the curved shape of the neighbouring buildings.

A cascade of leaf-shaped basins made from pale greenish granite is the heart of the arrangement. This is actually a great place for relaxation. The gentle splash of streaming water and the green belt create a relaxing ambience, but the actual highlight of this tiny oasis is the ingenious form of the basins. They ensure a stimulating flow that even lent its name to this type of cascade which is known as "flowform".

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Learn more about "flowforms"


The trademark term of "flowform" is used to describe a particular form and arrangement of basins. Typically, it’s either seven or – as given in Munsbach – twelve of these basins that follow the source point. Due to the special shape of the basins, the water running through them is directed into a double swirl on every level of the cascade. This figure of an horizontal eight, also known as lemniscate, is known as the infinity symbol.

Together with two fellow researchers, sculptor-naturalist John Wilkes, who developped the "flowform" type of basin, found out that there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. In fact, the eight-shaped curves are known for their vitalizing and energizing effects on water. Therefore, several thousands of "flowform" cascades have been installed worldwide since John Wilkes discovered this pattern about 50 years ago.

Great place to relax and gather new energy

Wherever they may have been installed – be it in landscaping or urbanism, or be it in the context of food production, flowform cascades will never fail to reveal their beneficial effects on the mind. Those who are within their sphere of influence, can let go and will gather renewed energy.

Just have a try – you are very welcome !