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3x sustainability: ecological, social and associative

For BIOG, NATURATA, BIOGROS & Co, sustainability means more than just an abstract concept – and more than the simple effort to be resource- and energy efficient. Our sustainability report 2018 provides evidence in word and illustration.

The sustainability report of the OIKOPOLIS Group shows itself for the first time in the current and newly structured edition. The report combines the central aspects of our corporate social responsibility: associative business, resource prevention, ecology and social interaction, as well as our long-standing engagement for the common good. The following companies have been taken into account for the Illustration:


Together they form, as the illustration above shows, a structure that combines the circular nature and the circular economy. The value chain of organic food production and marketing is represented as a whole in the OIKOPOLIS Group with production, distribution, processing, wholesaler and retailer:


Each station is taken into account in the sustainability report of the group. Concrete numbers and calculations are demonstrated graphically, numerous illustrations and pictures provide thrilling insights behind the scenes. This guarantees the readability of the detailed report. Take a look at it yourself and see the core values that the OIKOPOLIS Group actively and sustainably embodies.

NOTE: You receive a printing edition on demand in every NATURATA store.